Nisei Lounge
Wrigley's Oldest Tavern

About Us

Nisei Lounge is proudly celebrating its 67 year history as the oldest bar in Wrigleyville.  Whether you are in Wrigleyville for a game, or live down the street, or just looking for a bar to hide out where your boss, spouse, priest or rabbi will never find you, Nisei Lounge is just where it has always been, ready and waiting to serve you a cold beer or a tasty cocktail in a bar that has not changed since Nixon was in the White House and the Cubs only had one  World Series ring.

There have been some recent improvements to the bar since its 1951 founding.  But most notably are a web site, acceptance of credit cards, a new logo, six new flat screen TV's and new owners looking to continue the long tradition Nisei Lounge has provided the city of Chicago and neighborhood. Nisei will continue on as one of the last pubs in the area and will keep its character and atmosphere.There may be some other surprises as well but you will have to come on in and have a drink to see!

Our web site is complete with information on private parties, news articles, and all sorts of history about Nisei Lounge, past and present. 

Pool and Darts

The Nisei dart boards and champiosnship pool table are still available.  Stop by for a few games and the coldest beer in town.  

Drinks, Drinks & Drinks

Contact Us

If you really do not know where Nisei is located after sixty plus years you can use the map and address below to find us.  Our hours fluctuate during cubs an football season as we open at 11 AM on game days.

Nisei Lounge

3439 N Sheffield Ave, Chicago, Illinois 60657, United States

773 525 0557


Send us an E Mail - We really reply!


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