3439 N. Sheffield Ave
Chicago, IL 60657

Nisei Lounge is proudly celebrating its 60th year as the oldest bar Wrigleyville.  We are hosting 60th anniversary events all year long.  Whether you are in Wrigleyville for a game, or live down the street, or just looking for a bar to hide out in where your boss, spouse, priest or rabbi will never find you, Nisei Lounge is just where it has always been, ready and waiting to serve you a cold beer or a tasty cocktail in a bar that hasn’t changed since Nixon was in the White House and the Cubs World Series drought was only 62 years old.

There have been some recent improvements to the bar since its 60 year history.  WE NOW ACCEPT CREDIT CARDS!  But most notably are a web site, new logo, five new flat screen TV's and new owners looking to continue the long tradition Nisei Lounge has provided the city of Chicago and neighborhood.  Nisei will continue on as one of the last pubs in the area and will keep its character and atmosphere.  There may be some other surprises as well but you will have to come on in and have a drink to see!

Our web site is complete with information on private parties, events, daily specials and all sorts of history about Nisei Lounge, past and present.  Browse around to learn more about us.

Nisei Lounge's New Logo For Our 59th year in Wrigley
The Nisei Lounge Cooler Still Shines Bright

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