3439 N. Sheffield Ave
Chicago, IL 60657



You must be joking. 
Dive Bar = No Kitchen.  The kitchen was omitted back in 1951 and we never got around to putting one in.  And we like it that way.  No worries about grease traps, silverware, or dirty dishes is how we like it.  Sure we’ve got no kitchen but with lots of different local restaurants to choose from you and your date won’t ever have to argue about choosing between Thai, Sushi, Salads, Italian, or Burgers for dinner - just get on into Nisei and order up what each of you want and enjoy a cold one while you wait.  We can even call any of our local restaurant friends and order in for you or your private party and we’ll throw in paper plates and sporks for free.

Rest assured
we have all the alcohol staples and may even have some surprisingly good wines and craft beers but you’ll have to come on in and find out for yourself. 

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